To Begin

I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon some really cool places over the last few years and would like to share them with you. I’m fascinated by wholistic places surrounded by nature. Not spas necessarily, spas are too costly & clinical generally. I am drawn more to retreat centers with natural hot springs, that sort of thing. It is my life goal to search out these places, see where the journey takes me, and share them with you.

Which brings me to my first suggestion; Breitenbush Hot Springs ( near Detroit Oregon. Or what used to be Detroit. There was a huge wildfire last week that burned pretty much all of Detroit, and a lot of Breitenbush. But they have said they will rebuild! Many of the buildings in Breitenbush have been burned but they are hoping to open up again in 2021. They will rise like a pheonix. Believe me it will be worth it. The place has a sacred feel, surrounded by the forest. The soaking pools are natural, the water is amazing. There are also great workshops and different classes you can take. I have participated in some workshops that have changed my life, and that were, for me, incredibly healing. I highly suggest you check out their catalog.

It does feel a bit futile to even be writing this right now. Breitenbush is closed and they have a lot of rebuilding to do, but put it in your 3-5 year plan. Not that any of us are really traveling right now anyway. Arg….

Reservations can be made on their web site or by phone (503) 854-3320. Reservations are required even for a day pass. Cabins are shared, I was tentative about this at first, but have met some great people sharing a cabin. You can also rent a tent in the summer, or car camp. Cabins are about $150.00 a night which includes the most amazing vegetarian food, served in the lodge buffet style. Breitenbush is East of Salem Oregon, fairly easy to access, although in the winter Santiam highway does get some snow.

I hope you get to experience and enjoy this beautiful place!

More to come.

Love, Angie

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